Trend Glass Tile

This whole pool is done with Trend Glass Tile. The tile is light blue in color and a Greek key patttern on the floor. What a beautiful way to create a serene environment in your back yard.


Classic Roman pool on a 1920s Palm Beach manor done in 6” x 6” imported, handmade, waterline tile, polished in a Durazzo pool finish of Gulfstream Blue.

Florida Coquina

24” x 24” Florida coquina deck with grass joint line done in a classic Palm Beach style with a Gulfstream Blue Durazzo pool finish.

Step Spillway

Step spillway spa done in 1” x 1” glass tile.

Blue Iridescet Glass

1” x 1” blue iridescent glass tile with a 2” marble spillway and Beadcrete Sapphire Contour.

Color LED

1" x 1" blue iridescent glass tile with Philippino Coral decking and coping. The marble 2" spillways were custom made with a Beadcrete Sapphire Contour and LED lighting.

Relaxing Backyard

12” x 12” coral paver deck with grass joint, Old Chicago 24” wide brick pavers coping and white blue polished Durazzo pool finish.  

Old Chicago

This pool deck and coping is done in “Old Chicago” pavers.  Pool finish is Blue Gem polished Durazzo.  Pool includes 18” raised spa and sun shelf.

Large Spa for Nine

Large 9 person spa with 32 jets for back, feet and calves. The finish is done in black Pebble Tec with 1” x 1” stone waterline tile. The deck is Philippino shell stone decking set over concrete.

Tropical Breeze

Tropical Breeze Pebble Tec in the body of the pool and Sandy Beach Pebble Tec on the sun shelf.  The spa has a cap rock spillway waterfall and the deck is Shellstone over concrete.

Gulfstream Blue

The pool has polished Gulfstream Blue Durazzo finish with a standard paver deck and 1” x 1” penny pool tile.  The spa is raised 18” with waterfall and jets.


Shellstone sand set deck with concrete pergola columns and a 2” x 2” marble finger spillway on the spa.  The pool is finished with Midnight Blue Pebble Tec.

Pebble Tec Emerald Bay

This pool finish is Pebble Tec Emerald Bay. The tile is Bisazza Glass custom bleneded and the deck material is pre-cast lime stone. What a great way to add a feature to your pool.

Lap Pool

This custom built lap pool is sporting with the decking in Pennsylvania Blue Stone and what a gorgeous pewter finish from the Marquis Series. The Perimeter overflow gutter system displaces wave action from swimming laps.

Vanishing Edge with Boulders

Vanishing edge pool done in Black Marble Pebble Tec, real Arkansas boulders and 6” x 6” black matte waterline tile. The deck is tumbled pavers.

Vanishing Edge

Vanishing edge pool with Jade Green Pebble Tec which gives the pool a bright blue appearance.  The deck is a sand set marble.

Sandy Beach

This pool has a sun shelf done in Sandy Beach Pebble Tec with marble Shellstone ivory coping. The deck is marble set over concrete.


Cap rock waterfall with with man made slide finished with polished Pebble Tec. Large 32 jet spa with a 5’ spillway.


Sensational oceanfront negative edge pool and spa with Old Chicago deck of ivory marble coping.

Negative Edge

Full view of negative edge pool and spa.

Gorgeous Step

1” x 1” Bisazza glass tile step area.

Tropical Oasis

Diamond Brite White Gem finish with a custom built cap rock waterfall and a 12” x 12” grey paver deck set over concrete.

Free Form Pool

Free form pool with Flagstone decking. Emerald Bay Pebble pool finish, rock waterfall and spa.

The Sand Bar in Delray Beach, FL

Entrance to Sand Bar with firepit/water feature.

Jupiter Beach Hilton

LED Laminar light fountain at the Jupiter Beach Resort in Jupiter, FL.